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Communications Consulting

We help companies and institutions to define and realise their global communication policy

Any communication strategy should start with a clear definition of who we are, what we offer, and where we are headed. The answer to each of these core questions will position an organisation, either public or private, with regard to its audience.
As a business, with regard to the market (how does the entity wish to be perceived) and to its product and service offering.
This is the only way to reach our target audience with clarity, using the appropriate channels and through the communication actions most relevant to each case.                                                            

Strategic Communication Plans

The Strategic Communication Plan is the tool we offer our clients in each and every case to establish their ideal communication strategy. T

Press office and media relations

Online and offline media relations management using different techniques: briefing notes, press conferences, journalistic interviews, personal meetings with journalists… We create the necessary material for each activity: dossiers, balance sheets, etc.

Internal and external communication audits

Identification and analysis of the organisation’s communication flow with its internal and/or external audience. Detection of strengths and weaknesses (SWOT). Strategic improvement recommendations.


Identification of contingencies that could alter the perception of an organisation or brand. Contingency plans to protect, control or enhance the perceived value of an organisation and/or brand.

Institutional relations and public affairs

We manage our clients’ interests in relation to public administrations, the business sector and other collectives. We connect organisations.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Positioning of the company or institution through its association with social and/or environmental projects. Enhanced social awareness of the company or institution. Strengthening of the brand image.


Strategic use of communication to redirect or minimise the potential negative impact on an organisation’s public image as the result of possibly critical and unexpected situations.

Export Communication

Services dedicated to exporting companies to improve visibility and positioning of brands and products in foreign countries.

City branding, Place branding

Our own methodology to position the city brand (city branding) or location brand (place branding) at the desired level through brand design and definition, projection, positioning and visibility.


Internal communication is the necessary tool to achieve communicative cohesion among all the people who are part of a company or institution, a fundamental process for any organization to work perfectly.