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Media training

Undatia Media training has been designed to bring professional, corporate or institutional groups and the media together. Fear or misgivings that many sectors have of relations with journalists can impede their visibility and renown, as they do not take advantage of the potential that the media offers to reach public opinion.

This Media training enables progress towards mutual awareness: enabling these collectives to connect and interact safely with different media and to thus obtain the best possible results. For their part, it enables the media and journalists to get to know these collectives better and to relate to them in the most effective way possible for their news-related needs.


Undatia Media training enables you to

  • Become aware of the current situation of the media (press, radio, TV and digital media)
  • Deal with mutual perceptions and difficulties: the sector towards the media and the media towards the sector
  • Become aware of the internal dynamics of the media and to take advantage of this for purposes of the sector
  • Understand what motivates journalists
  • Lose any fear or misgivings towards the media and towards journalists


Undatia Media training consists of

Three half-day sessions:

  • Who’s who in the media (mediums and journalists).How journalists and the media function, and how to relate to them effectively
  • Parallel work sessions, with participation from professionals and journalists to analyse, through the viewing of specific cases, the way the media deals with the sector and its professional work, and on the other hand, what terms the sector offers the media in order to perform its work with guarantees
  • A simulation, recorded and later analysed, of a television programme with participation from all the participants